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The support you need is right here!

As a Reiki Guild Member, you have access to a personal Mentor who has volunteered their time, expertise and nurturing energy to help you along your Reiki journey.  Please see the table below, listing our various Mentors, their areas of expertise, their contact details, and where they are based.

Whether you simply want someone to run some ideas past, have some questions, need some reminders or need a confidence boost, our Mentors are here for you!

Please note the information below on what is required from you and from your Mentor,
in order for both of you to have an enjoyable and successful experience.


– Am I willing to commit to this process, follow my Mentor’s guidance and do the work I need to do?
– Can I get the help I need from my original Teacher, or am I looking for a fresh perspective?
– Can I research what I am looking for myself, or refer back to my original Reiki manual before reaching out to a Mentor?

How your Mentor can assist you

Mentors can assist and be available in a variety of different ways:

  • Be in contact on WhatsApp
  • Be available for a few phone conversations
  • Meet online for a chat session
  • Get together over coffee or lunch
  • Share interesting resources to assist with your questions

What your Mentor will commit to

Mentors adhere to the Guild’s Code of Conduct & Ethics, and also commit to:

  • Responding to your requests within 24 hours (week days)
  • A period of up to 3 months to mentor you
  • Inform you if they are temporarily unavailable to assist you

What you should commit to

When receiving guidance from your Mentor, please be willing to commit to:

  • Understanding that your Mentor is a volunteer and has their own Practice
  • Contacting your Mentor at reasonable times (week days)
  • Following the advice and guidance shared by your Mentor, as far as possible

Find a Mentor near you

To get started, simply view our Mentors listed below and select the Mentor that you feel will be a good fit for you. 
Contact your potential Mentor via WhatsApp as your first interaction, mentioning that you found their details via the Reiki Guild and would like them to be your Mentor.  Once your Mentor responds, you can both decide on the level of engagement moving forward.

Angela Whitehouse

Mentors Reiki Associates, Practitioners & Teachers

WhatsApp Angela on:
084 588 5312

Based in Gauteng

Carol Mulrooney

Mentors Reiki Associates, Practitioners & Teachers

WhatsApp Carol on:
083 721 8861

Based in Western Cape

Di Atherton

Mentors Reiki Associates, Practitioners & Teachers

WhatsApp Di on:
082 551 3676

Based in Mpumalanga

Gill Higginson

Mentors Reiki Associates, Practitioners & Teachers

WhatsApp Gill on:
061 196 3857

Based in Western Cape

Helen Watson

Mentors Reiki Associates, Practitioners & Teachers

WhatsApp Helen on:
082 896 3534

Based in Gauteng

Jocelyn Gray

Mentors Reiki Associates & Practitioners

WhatsApp Jocelyn on:
082 787 0255

Based in KwaZulu Natal

Natasja King

Mentors Reiki Associates, Practitioners & Teachers

WhatsApp Natasja on:
063 157 9156

Based in Western Cape

All of our Mentors listed above have committed to adhere to our Code of Conduct & Ethics.  If you have any questions or concerns about your Mentor, please feel free to contact the Mentor Support Team HERE.  If your query has not been resolved after contacting Mentor Support, or you feel your Mentor is not adhering to the Guild’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, you may escalate your concern by submitting a complaint at

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