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Benefits of RGSA Membership

The Reiki Guild South Africa is a place where all Reiki Practitioners and Teachers can benefit, be promoted and supported, no matter what their lineage or organisational affiliations.  All Practitioners and Teachers are welcome to join the Guild, and are also welcome to belong to any other Associations of their choosing.

We also welcome those who are not yet currently practicing or teaching to join, in order to get access to resources and support.  (Associate level)


  • Annual membership certificate and a once off membership number
  • Use of the RGSA Membership logo on websites, email signatures and other marketing materials
  • Listing on the Practitioners and/or Teachers Directory, including a ‘Read More’ profile
  • New Members promoted on Social Media and under ‘News’ on the RGSA website (for Est. 1 Month)
  • Access to a RGSA Mentor for 3 months
  • Promotion of Training Courses (2 per year) on RGSA Website
  • Member-only website access to download free resources, survey results and more
  • Access to the Guild’s Members-Only Facebook group where all recorded online sessions and other resources will be shared
  • Access to the Guild’s Members-Only WhatsApp group
  • Free attendance on monthly Members-Only Webinars
  • An opportunity to participate and/or host Webinar topics
  • Free or discounted attendance to RGSA and Partner Events – including Reiki Shares and Conferences
  • Access to a complaints process (for Members, Clients and Students) to maintain professionalism and ensure adherence to the RGSA Code of Conduct & Ethics
Benefit Associate Members Practitioner Members Teacher Members
Members Certificate Y Y Y
Use of RGSA Members Logo Y Y Y
Practitioner Directory Listing and ‘Read More’ Profile Y
Teacher Directory Listing and ‘Read More’ Profile Y Y
New Members promotion (Est. 1 Month) Y Y
Access to a Reiki Mentor Y Y Y
Promotion of Reiki Courses on RGSA Website – 3 per year Y
Access to Resource Library – Public Y Y Y
Access to Resource Library – Practitioners Y Y
Access to Resource Library – Teachers  Y Y Y
Permission to join Members Only Facebook Group Y Y Y
Inclusion in Members Only WhatsApp Group Y Y Y
Inclusion in Business Support WhatsApp Group Y Y Y
Free attendance on monthly Member Webinars Y Y Y
Participate in, or host, webinar topics Y Y
Free/Discounted attendance at partner events Y Y Y
Access to Complaints Process Y Y Y

Membership Requirements

Based on global standards, the Reiki Guild South Africa requires the following minimum standards from its Members:

  • To practice Reiki with valid certification (In the absence of valid certification, an assessment of prior learning may be required)
  • To pay fees annually on the anniversary of the join date (reminders will be sent) – if fee’s are not received, the Member will be removed from the website
  • To adhere to the Guild’s Code of Conduct & Ethics

Annual Membership Fees

Reiki Associate – R300.00 per year
Reiki Practitioner/Master – R500.00 per year
Reiki Master Teacher – R750.00 per year

How to join the Reiki Guild South Africa

Complete the online Application Form

Submit your Application Form online and attach all *supporting documents.
Click here to complete the online Application Form


Complete the PDF Application Form

Download and complete a copy of the Application Form and email, with all *supporting documents, to

Please note: When emailing your application form and supporting documents, use the subject line ‘Your name & surname: Reiki Guild Membership Application’

Download the PDF Application Form here


  • Proof of payment
  • A recent photo (preferably a square head-shot of 600x600px)
  • A copy of your ID/Passport (For admin purposes only)
  • Copies of your highest certificate of every system of Reiki that you practice or teach, as well as additional modalities


Reiki Associates
For those newly trained and who have not yet obtained level 2, or those not currently practicing
Reiki Practitioners
For those who have obtained a Reiki Practitioner qualification and are currently practicing, either face-to-face and/or Absent/Distant sessions
Reiki Masters
For those who have obtained a Reiki Master qualification and are currently practicing
Reiki Master Teachers
For those who have obtained a Reiki Master Teacher qualification and are currently teaching

What we do with your application

Once your Application Form, supporting documents and Proof of Payment have been received, you will receive a membership certificate (including your site login) and your details will be uploaded on to the online Members Directory of Teachers & Practitioners.
Please allow for 3-5 working days from receipt of your application for processing.

Our Code of Conduct & Ethics

About our Code of Conduct & Ethics

The Reiki Guild South Africa’s Code of Conduct & Ethics contain standard, globally recognised practices and principles.

By submitting this Application Form, all Members agree to adhere to the Reiki Guild South Africa’s Code of Conduct & Ethics, which is included in the Application Form.

Click here to view the Code of Conduct & Ethics

Our Complaints Process

About our Complaints Process

By sharing your feedback with us, you play a vital role in improving our services. Our complaints process ensures that your concerns are heard and addressed promptly. We value your input and strive to create a transparent and fair environment for all. Email

View our Complaints Process here.


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